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job description : google event photography, videography and postproduction by e17 photographer 

The Royal St. George Yacht Club was established in 1838 by a very small sailling enthusiasts’ group which is located in Dun laòighere harbour south side of Dublin by the latitudes of  53 degrees 17’40.9” North and longitudes of 6 degrees 07’57.4” West.Today, it has become one of the most popular yacht club for decades.

I have been appointed to capture photo reports from one of the events that took place at the Yacht Club that was primarily organised by Google . This company is aiming to steadfastly grow in the areas of innovation as well as latest technology with respect to the internet media and tools which can help to obtain the trust of such exemplary and grand organisations. This  enables the purpose of doing my job in the best possible way which is truly fulfilled and made complete to the best of my abilities.

Below u would be able to see some glimpses of the Google event photography from the Yacht Club Dun laòighere  while I hope you shall surely appreciate my approach in addition to feeling free to share it with other people too, so that they can also experience what I am capable of.

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