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Do you need a professional video production company or a skilled videographer In Dublin Ireland to capture your company's Event, Promotional video, Record and edit your online video course, social media video content ?

Videography In Dublin - E17

Video production

E17 Video Production offers professional video production services at exceptionally competitive rates. We serve as your comprehensive solution for all your corporate communication, promotional video, event filming, and social media video needs.

As a dynamic production company based in Dublin, we harness our extensive expertise to create captivating visual stories in a creatively engaging style. Our approach integrates the power of video to introduce inventive concepts tailored to your specific marketing needs.We mainly record in High Definition HD and 4k . Whether you're seeking a promotional video or one with viral potential, you can trust that we've got your business requirements fully addressed.

We provide professional Videographers at various locations throughout Ireland. Whether you require recording in your office or in a studio, we collaborate closely with your Marketing department, ensuring each step of the brief is meticulously followed. Our portfolio includes recording politicians at events, CEO interviews, promotional videos, instructional content, and much more, tailored for both international and in-house purposes. The multitude of testimonials we've received is a testament to our exceptional approach to every video project. Check our Video Project below or contact us for more details.


  • Sales presentation video
  • Corporate video
  • Commercial video
  • Event video
  • Branding movie clip
  • Educational video
  • Tutorial video
  • Insight video
  • Fitness Video Courses / Academy
  • Talking heads video
  • Backstage video
  • Promotional videos of products
  • Interviews video
  • Complex cover of conference or live event
  • Show reel videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Social media videos, FB, INSTA , Reels, Stories, Ads


Corporate Interviews



Public Relation - Social Media







How it helps my business?

Promotional Videos and video marketing, in general, are powerful tools for businesses of all sizes in today's world. Our expertise in film production and post-production guarantees that our videos maintain a high level of professionalism, delivering optimal results for your business. Our range of services includes promotional videos, talking head videos, interviews, social media videos, instructional videos, GoPro-style videos, timelapses, creative projects, or simply capturing raw footage for future editing. We offer a comprehensive service that covers both recording and editing, eliminating the need for a separate video editor. We handle video filming from start to finish.

If your goal is to increase views or boost sales for your products or services, a videography service ( videographer Dublin ) is essential for your marketing team to create video ads and enhance your sales efforts. We meticulously present your product or service in the most favorable light while maintaining high quality.

Furthermore, if you're hosting an event and need to record it in full or create a promotional video, our team is well-equipped to handle the entire Event Filming process using professional filming gear, cameras, and staffed by experienced operators, ensuring coverage whenever you require it.

How much does it cost?

We offer a diverse range of options to accommodate various budgets and schedules, with a single fee that includes both onsite and post-production services ( event videography ) . Our crew charges on an hourly basis for their presence at the event and for the subsequent video processing.

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