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My love of photography has been a recurring theme in my life and began to take several forms at a young age. I avidly attended model castings when I was younger because I was drawn to capturing the spirit of the occasion. Years later, I discovered myself signing agreements with modeling agencies, a move that turned my hobby into a means of generating revenue from photography jobs.

I was employed by Blue, a well-known model agency in Warsaw, where I was given the title of Booker. I was given the opportunity to see behind the scenes in this capacity, which sparked a strong desire to see the world from a different perspective. Helping professional photographers drove this passion even more. With the knowledge I received from these encounters, I eventually bought my very first Canon camera and started an amazing voyage of experimentation with various methods and styles.

Moving to Ireland opened a big new chapter in my journey as a photographer. I chose Dublin as the venue for my creative inquiry in an effort to improve my skills.

It's true for me too that getting to the professional level requires endless hours of committed practice. Although photography doesn't provide quick fixes for expertise, it does offer a path filled with passion and tenacity. It's important to keep in mind that becoming an expert photographer requires more than just technical ability; it also requires unwavering drive and a relentless pursuit of visual storytelling.

Welcome to my universe, where my photographic journey is centered on the interaction of light, feeling, and determination.

Fulfilment and satisfaction

Half a decade ago, I encountered skepticism about pursuing photography as a viable career path. I was warned that it wouldn't lead to a sustainable livelihood. Had I heeded that advice, I might have found myself confined to a traditional 9-to-5 role today.

With a strong foundation in the realm of IT, I've maintained my involvement in digital projects. Yet, no amount of coding or development work can quite compare to the profound sense of achievement and fulfillment that washes over me as I browse through captivating, high-quality photo collections on my memory card.

The journey from doubting the possibilities of photography to embracing the unmistakable joy it brings has been transformative. What began as a passion has evolved into an art form that not only captures moments but also serves as a constant reminder that defying conventional wisdom can lead to the most extraordinary discoveries. This website is a glimpse into that journey — a collection of my visual narratives that speak to the remarkable intersection of technology and creativity.

Welcome to my world of photography, where pixels and emotions intertwine to create a tapestry of stories worth sharing.


Marcel stands as both a talented and open-minded photographer and videographer, ceaselessly exploring novel avenues and techniques to weave captivating visuals. As a Creative Director and the head photographer, he orchestrates a team of exceptionally skilled photographers, guiding and nurturing their talents. Under his leadership, this team has participated in numerous expansive international events across Ireland, capturing dynamic content and images tailored for press releases.

Marcel's attention to detail is second nature, affording him a distinct edge and rich experience in capturing the grandeur of some of Ireland's most iconic venues: from the expansive halls of RDS and the modernity of the CCC Convention Centre to the electric atmosphere of the 3Arena, the elegance of Mansion House, the hallowed grounds of Croke Park Stadium, and the spirit of the Aviva Stadium.

Yet, amidst his professional dedication, Marcel remains approachable and laid-back, cultivating an atmosphere that invites his subjects to embrace their natural selves in front of the lens. With Marcel, the art of photography and videography is not just a visual endeavor but a conduit for authentic moments and genuine emotions.

Jose - E17


Meet José Santos, a 28-year-old visionary hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, yet shaped by the charms of the quaint village of Bombarral. A multifaceted artist, he thrives as a freelance photographer, videographer, and filmmaker, breathing life into stories through his lens.

José's artistic journey extends beyond capturing visuals – he pens narratives, directs scenes, operates cameras, and meticulously orchestrates post-production processes. His artistic compass steers him towards the heart of storytelling, crafting a comprehensive understanding of the art he passionately embraces.

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