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What is mass event photography performed today ?

Event Photography Dublin - event photography in Ireland

Nowadays every smartphone has a built in high definition camera. Unfortunately, it will never replace a professional event photography equipment dedicated to concert or exposition surroundings in the hands of an experienced photographer or photography agency.

Being a photographer on a mass business, corporate or public event is an interesting occupation that can be pursued by nearly anybody but only a few master it.

Pictures from a work, corporate, business event a stags or a hen due can be a great souvenir for years totally worth it’s price.

Professional event photography snapping random pictures requires no skill, however, I try to focus on capturing exceptional moments using various lenses and creative strong shots.

I always try to make sure that my work for events is the highest quality weather its a serious event: corporate one, an exposition, a concert, theater event, business photography or casual event like a birthday or children’s party. Customer satisfaction can sometimes be deceptive as most times an inexperienced photographer tries to satisfy the employer so bad that he forgets to be creative that always leads to a disaster. On most occasions both the employer and photographer are not happy with the captured images. I try to balance both aspects: customer satisfaction with creativity and the fresh and professional outcome of my photography service.

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Depending on the situation i focus on giving the pictures an exceptional taste and style by changing camera setting and using special low light lenses gives the final astonishing effect of the images captured. Event photography is only for professionals. The target of my services target businesses and private parties who want to immortalize important events: work events integration parties mass events club night outs sporting events concerts stag and hen dues and many more

Why should u hire a professional? unforgettable captured memories individual concept for every client and every situation customer satisfaction of the highest standard photo editing if requested photos taken with the use of highest quality gear individual online gallery protected with a password.

Event photography Dublin

Why is it important to hire a professional photographer for your events?

Events can be busy endeavours filled with unpredictable situations, delays in schedule, etc. that make them fast-changing environments. In order to be ready and overcome any of these logistical challenges, photographers must have sufficient experience to handle them properly. You cannot learn this from a YouTube or an online course.

A professional photographer is someone reliable who can take the responsibility to work on a scheduled plan for any event.

Event photography’s digital retouching can be a useful tool to adapt the nature of the event setting to the requirements of the photos objective, for press releases or graphic design.

Sometimes, the delivery speed is crucial, since a deadline for the publisher may even be the following day after the conference or corporate event.


For Event Photography, briefing and communication are key

A brief of the event schedule or programme for the photographer can make everyone’s life easier because programmes and running orders allow event photographers to be ready in fast-paced and changing environment, even though a professional will always adapt to the situation.

We believe that, unless the event is not a press call, one photographer or a small team of photographers from the same company work more efficiently than a group of individual freelancers. The more people are involved in the photography work, the more they affect or interfere with the flow of the even


Event photography in Ireland

Hundreds of events are being held each day in Ireland and Northern Ireland, so the demand for our service is high, and we have clients in Scotland and England as well, so we’re keeping busy, but we are happy to do it because each location represents a new challenge and we don’t want to limit ourselves to Dublin venues.


Event photography etiquette

We always make sure that our work is of the highest quality, whether the type of the event is a corporate event, an exposition, a concert, a theatre play, a business affair or even a casual event like a birthday party, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why within E17, we always try to have descent amount of snaps from the event that way we always have enough material to work on afterwards and deliver the quality photos. We also approach the photography style based on the nature of the event; when it is a formal event in a hotel, theatre, bar, restaurant or stadium, the correct representation of the attendees, actions and activities will be the highlight, and for other types of events such as a surprise engagement or a theme wedding, we have a more creative approach, sometimes even experimental, because what matters in general is to capture the the moment,  social aspect, joy, fun, engagement, emotions, people’s portraits, stage, busy areas, crucial moments and so forth, but our priority will always be our client’s, defined during a thorough briefing. All our photographers are based in Ireland.

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    How to book an Event Photographer?

    Booking a photographer is very simple: you just need to give us a call or send us a quick email describing the nature of the event, the date(s), venue, etc. and we will provide you with quote and booking procedure.

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