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Sports photography refers to the type of photography that covers all types of sports. It is also one of the most exciting and challenging types of photography.

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What is sports photography?

Location and accessories such as a tripod play an important role in order to reduce blurring or incorrect exposure  getting the perfect shots of the event.

You can have full confidence that E17 professionalism in sports photography will allow us to get the right speed of shutter at a burst mode in order to capture those moments of intense game from a flawless perspective.

From a photographer’s perspective for sport spectacles it is crucial to use the right lenses to keep up with the game play.  E17 also engages with newspapers and other online sports magazines on monthly basis.

The main purpose of using a sports  photography is to promote our client’s event, encourage loyalty among customers,and  increase the demand and value of each  ticket sale.


  • Football Games
  • Rugby Games
  • Competitive games
  • MMA galas
  • Boxing galas
  • Athletic competitions

How it helps my business?

By being one of the best sports photographers in Dublin E17  helps clients promote their match, gala or other event by creating images that help position their contest  in the mind of their spectators in a desired way.

A successful sports photographer is able to create images that have a clear message. Our aim is to help our clients to reach their goals by ensuring that the emotions are captured  in a memorable way.

How much does it cost?

In order to meet your needs, a complimentary consultation is necessary to assess the scope of each individual project. We will find a package that will fit both your requirements and your budget needs.

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