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Music festival photography Dublin

Festivals offer an unique opportunity to get the best photos in various environments.

Music Festival Photographer Dublin Ireland Hire Professional Photographer - E17

What is festival photography?

A festival photographer needs to have a specific set of skills to get the best shots.

It is crucial to not only  get images in different weather conditions and  lighting but also to prepare for  unforeseen events which can make or break the atmosphere of the festival potrayed on the camera.

E17 festival photographers have been able to produce outstanding pictures from great festivals across Europe.  Photographs which not only help to engage customers after the festival  but which also begin to sell your company and your story from the moment they are seen. E17 can  provide a complex service that delivers the best  of the festival vibe.

We combine our people skills with exceptional talent in creating memorable photographs in order to make festival goers feel that it has been the best festival they have ever attended. With our exceptional results festivals organisers are booking consecutive events with us fast.


  • Indoor festivals
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Music festival
  • Jazz festival
  • Dance festival
  • All type of Irish music festivals

How it helps my business?

The main purpose of using a music festival photographer is to have evidence of the excitement, and freedom that aids in the creation of a buzz around the  next years festival.

Showing how much fun people had  in the previous year helps not only to  create a memorable experience for them but also to generate ticket sales for the next year.

How much does it cost?

Every festival is different therefore in order to meet your expectations, a complimentary consultation is essential to assess the scope of each individual project and find the right package that will fit your budget and needs.


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