How to choose best nightclub photographer

How to choose best nightclub photographer

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Sort out your event photos, now ! Get the right photographer

Another week passed by, and it’s like a never-ending story. When I look at my last week, I see that it wasn’t that much different than the week before, same sort of boring routines. Imagine you are a bar or club manager in Dublin ..a routine can be a struggle! You constantly try to figure out how to entertain do you give them something to remember their great night experience? How do you keep this feeling and positive vibe for a few days? The answer is to get a viral aspect. You can do this by getting a nightclub photographer to create some incredible memories which will be visible online for weeks of only high quality photos taken during their memorable night .


1. Hire the right person 
Select the right nightclub photographer, and I mean NIGHTCLUB photographer, why?

There are many photographers and styles, sometimes a person who takes great maternity shots and who mainly does family photography or product photography, would need more time to get his head around the low light and hush noisy environment which is expected of a nightclub. If the person you selected has been working in clubs and has a good portfolio, he knows what to expect and he doesn’t need any training, that’s your person!

2. Prepare a brief
Put together a quick e-mail where you outline what you use photos for and what would be the key aspects to focus on and how many you need. From my experience in working for clubs and bars I can say that most of the photos taken during the night go on Facebook or the club’s website galleries.

3. Send a logo in a suitable format
Most of the bars and nightclubs from the perspective of branding are looking for a logo to be situated in each picture, the photographer is not a designer so he will ask for a logo in a vector format ( .png ) it is the most suitable format and guarantees a sharp look.

4. Different retouch
If you are a club manager or promoter talk to your photographer about the photo style that can be prepared specifically for your bar or club night.

-black and white
-instagram style
-more contrasty
-less vibrant
-color wash etc

5. Uploading photos
Keep in mind that sometimes uploading a photo album can be time consuming, ask your photographer to do it for you, and when he does that edit the album description and definitely change your fan page facebook setting to allow people to tag themselves on uploaded photos. People have to like the fan page before they will tag themselves.

The most important thing of all, is to not post photos when people look under the influence or unconscious/sleep, you definitely don’t want to have those photos on your club page, simple check the album and delete unwanted photos.

6. Negative comments
After uploading photos, be on the alert and check your phone more often because  from time to time there can be a hater or person who may think that certain photos are bad and have to be taken out, it’s important to create a dialog with those people as they don’t want to be ignored.

7. Catchy slogans try – maintenance
During the work hours try to re-post the best photos from the weekend, and write some catchy content on it, be creative never post photo without text also there are a few good mobile applications which can combine a few photos together. These apps are free in their standard basic package, which you can get from the app store.

8. Photos will light up your page
Make sure you post party photos regularly to keep everyone’s attention.

I hope it will help to clear out a few things, if you need a quality nightclub photographer in the Dublin area or for special outdoor events in Dublin,  feel free to contact us  at info ( at ) for your FREE quote.

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