5 Preparation Tips for Conference Photography  

5 Preparation Tips for Conference Photography

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Some personal experience about conference photography in Dublin

So I decided to put a few guidelines together so that every time you shoot at  big or small occasions, you  can have your to do list sorted. Following are the guidelines:

Firstly after approved quotation by the client, make sure you receive an event schedule because that way you will know what is going to happen so if its a large event it will save you lots of time. It is always good when shooting at a conference to be in position to know the Logistics.

Secondly make sure you check the location of the venue , either on the internet or on Google maps to know how much time would it take to reach the destination according to the means of transport you use. Sometimes destinations are much further  than you imagine and 15 – 30 minutes can make a big difference.  There are certain venues around Dublin , that are more popular to shoot events and where you can shoot conference photography style photos but if you have not been there before make sure you take the help of  your Intel , Google here which helps  a lot with virtual tours etc.  If there is nothing to see, it is always good to get to that place before hand and see how the lighting are.

5 preparation tips for conference photogrpahy

Thirdly different style of photography requires different equipment , so its important to know what you need and pack your bag day atleast 60 minutes before leaving to ensure you do not miss something as it can be a major problem at the event afterwards. Also bring back up equipment, it is not even an advice it is more like a rule and  trust me you do not want to have the camera body in your hands, as you never know when the worst can happen.  Therefore, two camera bodys are essential , as well as two external flashes, battery chargers and check all of these a day before. Clear memory cards from any photos from previous events, also make sure you give a nice polish to your equipment.

With regard to lenses , it is a long story, everybody has different style, so make sure it depends on what you have to get photographed, bring the best of your lenses. ( zoom lens essential )

Fourthly, Setup a media station at the conference , pick your safe spot , personal i always try to be close to sound engineer’s desk with all my staff , you can find another spot but it can be a hassle.

Fifthly don’t be late , check all the locations in advanced and make sure you sort out logistics beforehand , specially if you shoot in  conference center,  music venues, concert halls and any other location what you haven’t been already.

How to get there can not only be a challenge but also a task which should be done beforehand and not at the last moment , as due to traffic or any circumstances situation can become challenging. Google maps can be very handy specially when you know what areas are heavily occupied due to traffic and where you can expect delays; a for people who re not traveling by car check the website to reach your destination , i recommend website called getthere.ie , its really good.

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