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PR photography


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What is PR photography

Public Relations photographs are distributed free of charge to editorial sections of regularly published websites, magazines and newspapers. The aim is to share positive feedback regarding your company and its products.

We understand that editors receive multiple stories, that is why we aim to ensure your visual message about your company and products is executed in a captivating way. Our goal is to provide the resources for building relationships with local and international press through PR photography.

PR photography is different because it highlights your company in a positive way through a story format rather than a paid advertisement. That is why it is so important we pay great attention to detail, so that your visual story is clear, powerful and captures your target audience immediately. Our experience in this industry, has enabled us to carry out a wide variety of services.

These services include:

Business Brand Launch
Restaurant and Food Photography
Corporate Public Relation (PR) Photography
Business/Branch Opening
Corporate Staff and Team Photography
Corporate Event Photography
Business Convention, Trade Show Conference, Seminar
Office Interior, Building Photography
Corporate Media Release, Editorial Photography
Architectural Photography
Industrial, Construction
Social Event Photography
Corporate Product Photography
Health and Beauty Photography
Charity Event Photography


The main purpose of using PR photography is to promote our client’s brand or increase the brand’s appeal and value. Promote loyalty among customers, and drive more sales.
How will using this service help my business?

As a PR photographer I help clients use local press to tell positive stories about their company and products through the use of strong visual images. Due to our mobility and flexibility we can consult on what location is idealy suited to execute the story that you intend to tell.

As a successful PR photographer I am able to create images that have a clear message and stand out from any other stories editors receive. My aim is to help my clients reach the goals that they have visualized by ensuring that the quality of work is both memorable and has mass appeal.

How much does it cost

In order to meet your needs, a complimentary consultation is necessary to assess the scope of each individual project, and find a package that will fit your budget and needs.

How to contact me

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