Photographer in Dublin , Fun and Work with Entertainment

Photographer in Dublin , Fun and Work with Entertainment

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From nightclubs to conference venues  in just a few years. Marcel is a passionate developed skills and stylish photographer dublin with special interest in event photography.

It was because he wanted to be around people and always feel comfortable in a busy enviroment. Hence this became a chance for him to fit his interest and passion under the roof of event photography , as a photographer in Dublin.

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As a photographer in dublin he had a lot of options to go more into domestic environments and photographed families or landscapes , but since he was running a photo service business he made it a priority to address some challenges and precise decisions beforehand so that just over in a short lapse of time he could expand his services and photography aspects too. This now includes various

  • headshots photography
  • sport photography
  • commercial photography
  • corporate photography
  • nightlife and music photography

The decision was obviously based on the myriads of demands of this industry put forward by customers and clients who required different area expertise as well as skills because of the needed approaches for the same. Hence new approaches and experiments done over time lead to the established clientale that now dwells over long years of dedicated and satisfied relationship tiers with customers that the photographer dublin is tremendously proud and glad to achieve.

He remembers how his story all began with a scene of him holding a compact camera during the night outs when he did not know anything about exposure, ISO, shutter speed, or anything at all! It was just sheer fun out there when the advent of high resolution smart phones was a long time to high the world with, as the most that peopl would have were calculator-sized full frame Sony cameras that were the only way to capture great memories adn fun times.

When it comes to what made him different than the others,  it is his zeal to capture emotions and feelings in such a way that they can be re-invented for years or even several decades to come. One might not even think about them, but still there are such photos which signify cities or people from the very beginning of a century to other story telling aspects too.

Hence it is a great fact that an image is sure worth a 1000 words, but due to different commercial projects it is kind of hard to focus on such detailed aspects as the client only puts forward his demands about what has to be photographed via a brief provided by him.

However,  whenever there’s ample of material for memory creation, then the changing of lenses and usage of smart art is undoubtedly a mandatory action to provide shots which at the end will look great with rest of the photos taken throughout the day.

How to make a booking ?

If you are thinking of making a booking but havent seen the professional portoflio yet, feel free to be mesmerised now! J

If you would like to make a booking or arrange a conference call via skype to discuss any details, or if you are keen to do short meeting in dublin city center, we are surely available for setting up a location for you too!

For a photography service within dublin, we are pretty much flexible so if its not a city center location, we can meet anywhere else to start with you on your terms too!

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