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Open post Uprise Event Photography Rds Dublin Ireland - E17

Uprise , Event photography RDS

job description : uprise event photography, videography and postproduction by e17 photographer  Just before the last weekend in October, Dublin hosted Uprise, the PEOPLE FIRST, TECH SECOND festival. The festival was held in Dublin for the second time on October 26th with more than 500 companies and 128 speakers participating at the RDS. The RDS“Uprise , Event photography RDS”

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Open post Event Photography Dublin 5  - E17

Google Event photography Dun laòighere ,Yacht Club

job description : google event photography, videography and postproduction by e17 photographer  The Royal St. George Yacht Club was established in 1838 by a very small sailling enthusiasts’ group which is located in Dun laòighere harbour south side of Dublin by the latitudes of  53 degrees 17’40.9” North and longitudes of 6 degrees 07’57.4” West.Today, it“Google Event photography Dun laòighere ,Yacht Club”

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Open post Website Photography Self Defence Krav Maga 3 1024x682 - E17


Website photography assignment for Krav Maga live forum Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defense technique which gathers more and more practitioners worldwide. It is a simple and effective self-defense system developed by Israeli Special Forces. The Krav Maga Live portal crew asked us to capture photos for blog and forum  purposes; we produced 11 shots“KRAV MAGA LIVE : WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY”

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Open post Nightclub Photography Madison Night Club 3 - E17


Nightclub photography assignment for Madison Nightclub in Dublin We are happy to receive many positive reviews and good words after visited Alchemy venue in Dublin last week. This week we visited  Madison Night Club on the special request from club promoter, we  were exited to get ourselves into nightclub photography again!  During the night we“MADISON BAR: NIGHTCLUB PHOTOGRAPHY”

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